Company for production and turnover of chemicals, igniting and initiating means
UNIS "GINEX" d.d. Goražde

Bosnia and Herzegovina, 73000 Goražde, Višegradska bb

Our production range comprises more than 250 various products, according to the following:

1. All kinds of percussion primers for small arms ammunition with SINOXIDE and EKO (heavy metal free) priming mixture:

  • for all types of pistol and revolver ammunition, with SINOXIDE and EKO (heavy metal free) priming mixture
  • for all types of rifle ammunition
  • for hunting ammunition, with SINOXIDE and EKO (heavy metal free) priming mixture
  • for antiaircraft ammunition, with SINOXIDE and EKO (heavy metal free) priming mixture

2. Primers, initial boosters, duplex and blasting caps, delay elements, electric primers for fuse assemblies of:

  • artillery ammunition
  • mortar ammunition
  • artillery rockets
  • hand grenades

3. Electric squibs, igniters and pyro-cartridges for:

  • ignition of solid propellant rocket engines
  • ignition of various types of pyrotechnic devices
  • pyrotechnic devices for fire extinguishers in armored vehicles and tanks
  • thermal battery ignition

UNIS "GINEX" d.d. Goražde has technologies and production lines for production and processing of all types of initiating explosives, by continual and discontinual procedures, using modern equipment.


For detailed specification, please choose from the list below.

For the other products not listed, as well as purchase details, please do not hesitate to contact us.


We produce various types of initiating explosives and chemicals:

  • lead azide
  • lead styphnate
  • lead cresylate
  • lead dinitroreosorcinate
  • diazodinitrophenol
  • tetrazene
  • mercury fulminate
  • lead peroxide
  • lead nitrate
  • lead acetate
  • trinitroresorcine
  • sodium azide
  • barium chromate
  • barium nitrate
  • barium oxide

Annual capacity:

  • Percussion primers type BOXER (with anvil) pcs. 300.000.000-400.000.00
  • Percussion primers type BERDAN (without anvil) pcs. 50.000.000
  • Detonators, duplex and detonating initiators for artillery fuses  pcs. 10.000.000

UNIS "GINEX" d.d. Goražde has its own development centre and production workshops, so it is able to provide the complete 'KNOW-HOW' for projects realization, including training of staff, purchase and mounting of equipment and commissioning with performance proving.